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Virtual Arbitration Hearings

Free Virtual Arbitration Hearings

Ahsan undertakes all arbitration matters by the use of latest and most secure virtual platforms and technology, obviating the need for the parties, their representatives, witnesses and experts to travel.

Ahsan has access to secure, modern videoconferencing technologies, and he holds and organizes virtual arbitration hearings for parties at no cost, using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other secure commercial solutions. Technical assistance is also provided at no cost.

Ahsan has developed and utilises detailed protocols to address issues that arise in practice in conducting hearings by utilising such modern technological platforms. Such protocols enable parties, their representatives, witnesses and experts to join virtual rooms at the correct point in time.

Protocols have been developed to take into account the various time zones of participants in order to find a time that is workable for all parties, their representatives, witnesses and experts. Ahsan is extremely flexible in scheduling virtual hearings at any time mutually convenient to the parties.

Given the possibility of background coaching or guidance to witnesses, protocols have been developed and utilised to ensure the authenticity of evidence.

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